The seminar area of the Hotel Kremstalerhof offers room for inspiration and visions - room to prepare for success. The pleasant ambience of our seminar rooms with a lot of light and air opens the senses for new ideals and to create impulses. People visit seminars to educate themselves, to develop further. Companies plan seminars to bring their organization further. This stands for growth, passion, movement and vision. 

With our seminar rooms we'd like to offer you the space to dream, to follow your visions. Grow and think outside the box. We offer the room to stimulate your mind and to let you concentrate on your work. 

To have a relaxed day we offer packages for half-day or whole-day catering. 

In our spacious seminar foyer there is a coffee machine and a comprehensive selection of a variety of teas. Different kinds of Pago juices and mineral water are offered during the seminar days. 

We have free wifi in the entire hotel and free parking for seminar guests. For your dinner you can choose between an A-la-Carte selection or our menu. 

We gladly reserve a bowling lane for you after dinner or a table at our bar to enjoy a relaxing evening! 

We are looking forward to receiving your requests and gladly support you with the planning of your seminar. 

Area Uform Block Parlament Kino
Fantasy 24 m2 12
Energy 40 m2 14 12 12 20
Vision 50 m2 20 19 16 25
Inspiration 45 m2 16 16 14 30
Growth 100 m2 30 36 34 70
Foresight 190 m2 100 150

Area: 24 m2
Block: 12

Area: 40 m2
Uform: 14
Block: 12
Parlament: 12
Kino: 20

Area: 50 m2
Uform: 20
Block: 19
Parlament: 16
Kino: 25

Area: 45 m2
Uform: 16
Block: 16
Parlament: 14
Kino: 30

Area: 100 m2
Uform: 30
Block: 36
Parlament: 34
Kino: 70

Area: 190 m2
Parlament: 100
Kino: 150


The seminar room Fantasy is suitable for meetings or as a group room. It features a big, oval conference table and a AC. The room has a size of 24 m². A group of up to 12 people will find an ideal working environment. The room has a TV-system, flip charts, pinboards and presentation material. 

Size: 24 m²
People: 12


The seminar room Vision has 50 m² and offers different arranging possibilities. Starting with U-format over block seating to class room or cinema seating everything is possible. But of course we also consider your wishes. Up to 25 people (cinema seating) can easily find space in this seminar room. Beamer and screen with 2,4 x 2 meters as well as flip charts, pinboards, presentation material and wifi are standard. 

Size: 50 m²
People: 25 


50 m² with a lot of light and comfortable atmosphere invite to work. In this room you can choose the seating freely (U-format, block, classroom, cinema, E-format). Up to 30 people can work in the seminar room Inspiration. The standard features are a beamer, a screen of 2,2 x 1,37 meters, flip charts and pinboards as well as presentation material, a microphone and wifi. 

Size: 50 m²
People: 30




In our seminar room Growth 70 people on a size of 100 m² (cinema seating) have room. Every seating varieties are possible. The features include a beamer, a screen of 2,7 x 1,68 meters, flip charts and pinboards as well as presentation material, a microphone and wifi. 

Size: 100 m²
People: 70


For especially large events we offer the seminar room Foresight for up to 150 people. The seminar rooms Growth, Inspiration and Fantasy can be put together to a 190 m² open and light-flooded area - the ideal room for successful events. The features include a beamer, a screen of 2,7 x 1,68 meters, flip charts, pinboards, presentation material as well as a microphone and wifi. 

Size: 190 m²
People: 150